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Welcome to my Art Gallery. Take a look at my work and find out who I am.

About Me

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere". Quote by Albert Einstein

I have a degree in Visual Communications and also a Bachelor's degree in Crafts and Design from Novia University of Applied Sciences (graduated in 2003) so you can imagine my passion for design. For a very long time I have been interested in computer sciences and after working a couple of years with costume and set and Prop design in various theatre productions, I decided to diversify my skills a bit further by studying Visual Commuications or i.e. Graphic Design. After working with various forms of marketing I became Art Director. After getting my first drawing tablet I started to transform my passion for painting and drawing to digital form. Since I love playing computer games I started working as 2D artist in the gaming industry. My favorite platform to work on Illustrator.

I have been raised in a cross-cultural family in Helsinki where I speak Spanish with my father and Swedish with my mother and siblings. I spent a year as an exchange student in Brazil (1995–96), where I attended high-school in a computer programming class and learned Portuguese. English and Finnish I speak and write fluently. I also speak Italian and some German and Hungarian.

Main Skills

  • Vector Drawing
  • Concept Design
  • Game Design
  • UX and Web design
  • Animation
  • Costume Design
  • Photography
  • Singing
  • Painting
  • Photo manipulation


  • Game Artist, Paf, 2013- present
  • Game Artist, Digital Chocolate, 2012
  • Art Director, Testure, 3 years
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Costume Designer, Wardrobe Cordinator


"Everyone has talent at 25. The difficulty is to have it at 50." Quote by Edgar Degas

  • Graphic Design

    I have had a stong passion for graphic design and brand identity. I love starting from scratch and coming up with new ideas for a project but I can also work within strict graphic guidelines. I have worked with clients such as Radisson Blu, Wimbledon, Finnair, V-Australia, Cumulus, Rantasipi, Holiday Inn, Conrad, Finnish National Opera, VR, Barceló, Sol Don Hotels, Anttolan Hovi, Hotelli Seurahuone and Air Finland.

  • Illustration

    Ever since childhood I have loved to draw. In my teens I was very entusiastic about fashion design and moved to Turku to study it. My interest in designing with the computer grew as I took all the possible courses on the subject. I am passionate about digital drawing but I still enjoy painting with oil colours. I love the detail in vector drawing. Illustrator is one of my favorite programmes and I even use it for designing.

  • Photography

    Photography is a passion of mine that I have had since my teens. I used to take pictures with my dad's old Canon and develope the film in the dark room at my school. I love to travel and commemorate wonderful new places with my camera. When it comes to image editing I can work with both 360◦ panoramic pictures and still photos. I have worked with clients such as Barceló, Hotel Kämp and Holiday Inn Reorts.

  • Costume Design

    I have a Bachelor degree in Fashion/Costume Design and have a backround working in with different theater productions.


"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." Quote by Scott Adams

"Luisa is a warm and genuine personality who is also professional and easy to work with when it comes to cooperating with the team and fulfilling tasks for the project. It's amazing how much experience and skills Luisa has to offer; she's multilingual, she can draw pretty much anything you ask her to do in different styles and tools. I would recommend Luisa highly for game art positions of various kinds. If you want an easy going, genuinely lovable and proficient person to work with, she's definitely your pick!"

Mari Mäntylä
Senior Producer at Zynga

"Luisa is a talented, idea rich and mature Artist with great organization skills. She is passionate about her work and willing to go for an extra mile in order to achieve her goal. She has good sense of humor, eye for detail and great southern temperament. I can warmly recommend Luisa to any design team."

Arja Martikainen
Senior Consultant at Barona

"Luisa on osoittanut oppivansa asioita nopeasti ja on ollut kiitettävän omatoiminen työtehtävissään. Olemme olleet erittäin tyytyväisiä Luisan tekemään työhön."

Joel Hakuli
CEO Testure Finland

"Luisa on hyvin sosiaalinen, aloitekykyinen ja ahkera. Työssään hän osoittautui taiteellisesti lahjakkaaksi ja hänellä on hyvä värisilmä."

Seija Tölkkö
Turun Kaupunginteatteri

"Luisa is experienced graphic designer and an artist. She has a great set of skills and routines that help her in producing high quality assets fast and efficiently. Luisa has an awesome personality and a creative mind. I have really enjoyed working with her and I can highly recommend her to similar positions."

Tatu Petersen-Jessen
Art Director at Rovio

"Luisa is an extremely talented artist. She is hardworking and a real teamplayer.

Joni Suvanto
Product Lead at AB Friends

"Luisa är energisk och har en god förmåga att tänka kreativt även i pressade situtioner"

Carmela Wager
Scenograf och kostymskapare


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